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Kirstin Chavez presents a one-woman tour de force illuminating the true inner-story of Bizet’s iconic heroine through spoken monologues, choreographed Flamenco dance, and world-class singing. The heart of this project is audience interaction: an intense face-to-face encounter with Carmen’s smoldering charisma provoking us to embrace her passion for life, femininity, power, strength, and courage. Join Kirstin in a safe “Conversation Space” as audience and artist explore ideas on strong women of today, equality and opportunity for all people, values and issues of modern society, the importance of genuine and meaningful artistic expression in today’s changing world. More than opera, it’s an invitation to experience, interact, reflect, respond and influence positive change as a global community.

​Stay tuned for Carmen Inside Out, the Film! due to be released in early 2025!

 We are in partnership with the Dallas Opera and the University of Utah to create Carmen Inside Out, theFilm, with filming set to happen in the fallおf2024! It is a very exciting time for us!

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